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Freediving Adventure


PFI Freediver

The Freediver course is the perfect starting point if you are new to freediving, want to swim farther, dive deeper and stay longer and want to do it in a safer manner.

This course will teach you the basic's in about 2-days with classroom, pool and open water sessions.  

Freediver covers the following topics

  • Origin of Freediving
  • Safety and Problem Management (Constant Ballast, Static Apnea, Dynamic Apnea)
  • Proper breathing for Freediving
  • Equipment for Freediving
  • Physics and Physiology of Freediving
  • Confined water skill development
    • Snorkeling/Skin diving
    • Static Apnea (Breath-hold)
    • Dynamic Apnea (Underwater swimming on breath-hold)
    • Constant Ballast (Swimming to/from depth on breath-hold)
  • Open water skill development
    • Snorkeling/Skin diving
    • Constant Ballast (Swimming to/from depth on breath-hold)

Format / Duration

The Freediver course includes: 2 classroom sessions, 2 pool sessions, 2 open water sessions.

Pool and Theory will be held over one and a half days.

Open Water sessions will be held over one or two days.

As open water diving is not practical in Alberta year-round, during the bulk of the year I offer PFI's Pool Only certification and include an introduction to Dynamic Apnea (underwater distance swimming).

Students have several options for completing their open water dives and earning their full certification. I will provide several open water sessions over the summer (including an optional refresher pool session). Depending on demand, I may schedule open water sessions in warmer climates. I can also refer students to another PFI instructor (but cannot guarantee the extra pool session as a refresher).  


Swimming or snorkeling experience.

Good health and fitness.

At least 12 years of age with guardian permission.

Download and review the PFI medical form. If you say YES to any questions you need to get doctors approval to take part in the course. Email me if you have any questions about the medical form. 

Graduation Requirements

Student must complete all knowledge development, confined water and open water training sessions. Open water training is not necessary for Pool Only certification.

Demonstrate safe and responsible freediving practices.

Achieve a passing score of 75% on the final exam and show whole knowledge comprehension.

Students are also required to complete a 100m uninterrupted swim and spend five uninterrupted minutes treading water in the pool.

Required Equipment

You need basic snorkeling equipment for the course. Equipment can be expensive so I recommend you hold off till after the course for any major equipment purchases; in the course, we'll be covering equipment and what you'll want to consider when purchasing. I do have some freediving equipment for rent and all this equipment can be readily rented from you local scuba shop. Email or phone me and we'll figure out what you need and what I can provide.  

  • Mask, Fins, Snorkel
  • Exposure Protection (Wetsuit)
  • Weight Belt and Weights
  • A timing device (not necessary for pool-only courses)


The costs below assume a Calgary/Edmonton or Lethbridge course location. Costs may vary by course (see schedule).
$250.00 for Pool and Theory which covers the following:

  • PFI Freediver student manual & workbook
  • 6 hrs of classroom sessions
  • 5 hrs of pool training (1:8 max instructor/student ratio)

$125.00 for Open Water which covers the following:

  • 5 hrs open water training (1:4 instructor/student ratio, possibly 1:6 in special circumstances)
  • 1 bonus pool session (when pool and open-water dives are not done in a single course)
  • PFI Freediver Certification Card

Boat fees may be an additional charge where applicable

The Freediver Course is a great introduction to Freediving but it is also the start of many possible adventures. If you think you may want more than a weekend course, you should take a look at the Freediving Adventure Package.

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