Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Freediving Adventure


Freediving Adventure Package

Taking the Freediver course is a great introduction to Freediving but its just the start of many possible adventures. 

I've designed this package to help provide Freedivers additional opportunities to practice their skills under professional supervision and in safe environments. I've set this up to encourage multiple outings over the course of a year. I feel this will best foster those of you with a serious interest in practising and improving in this sport and will help introduce you to as many potential diving buddies in your area as possible. My hope is that this will lead to communities of freedivers who train together safely. 

The Freediver Adventure Package includes the following:

10% off a future Freediver Course

The chances are that your adventures in Freediving will attract some interest. Use this discount to help encourage someone to take a course, and you'll get a new buddy to Freedive with!

3 hours in-pool coaching

Sharing lanes with regular swimmers does not work well and many pools insist that Freedivers book lanes and sometimes only with professional supervision. 

As I hold courses over the year, I will set up additional pool time for students who want some extra coaching or training time. All students and certified freedivers are welcome; the Adventure Pack covers 3 1-hour sessions. 

3 hours Open-water coaching

As I setup open-water course sessions over the summer, I will set up additional open-water time for students who want some extra coaching or training time. All students and certified freedivers are welcome; the Adventure Pack covers 3 1-hour sessions.


As you go through the course, I'll be shooting some video. After your course I'll prepare a short video of Adventure Pack students and their experiences for you to share with your friends and family. I'm not a professional videographer so I can't guarantee great results, but I'm looking forward to how these turn out!

Freediving Adventure T-Shirt

Show off your new Freediver cred!

Competition Entrance Fee and Coaching

The freediving community is incredibly welcoming to newcomers and love to see new faces at competitions! At these competitions, athletes of a wide range of skill levels can push themselves to their max in a safe environment. Results are judged and recognized by AIDA and count towards meeting qualifications for Team Canada.

I'll likely participate in one or two competitions a year and if you can get yourself there, I'll pay your competitor fee (up to $75), coach you through the competition and act as your safety for all events.

Vancouver is the most likely location where I'll be competing over the year as it's more affordable than going out East.

PFI Intermediate Freediver

Should there be sufficient interest in an Intermediate Freediver course, I'll look into arranging an Intermediate Level Freediving course in Alberta.

Freediving Adventure Pack students will be notified of this opportunity before other students and the general public.

Details details 

This package is available to Freediving Adventure students, past students, and all certified freedivers.

Whenever a single student purchases the Freediving Adventure Package, I will commit to returning to the city of their choice (any city I offer courses in) three times over the next year to provide coaching sessions. I'll try to be flexible but if you miss any of these opportunities, you can join coaching sessions I offer elsewhere within 2 years of your purchase.

A coaching session may be attended by up to 6 students. I'll provide Freediving Adventure Package students advance notification but otherwise those slots will be offered on a first-come first-served basis.

The Cost

So, what's all this worth? Naturally, that depends on you. What components will you take advantage of?

I charge $50/hr for coaching sessions and I cover pool fees (assuming 4-6 students). The package includes six hours of coaching requiring no additional costs from you. The coaching alone represents a $300 cash value.

Adding in the discount, shirt, and videography and competition entry fee, this package could easily be valued at $500 or more but I don't want just a couple of serious people, I want to help develop communities of freedivers. And so, I'm prepared to offer this package at a steep discount.

Bought separately, the Freediving Adventure Package costs just $300, the cost of the coaching sessions. However, I'm offering new students the Freediving Adventure Pack for just $250.

The real value of this package lies with the opportunity to get to know other interested freedivers in your area and province. When I started freediving I had a huge problem finding people I was comfortable training with and this is the primary motivator for my offering this package. This is not the sort of thing that one can hang a dollar sign on; yet, I would call it priceless to the serious freediving student.

Finally, there is the option to join me at a Freediving competition where I will be happy to introduce you to the community, cover your entrance fee (up to $75), coach you through the competition and safety your events. If you suspect you'd be interested in the competitive aspect of the sport, this is a great opportunity.



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